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Who We Are

We are a local response to the distressing realities of our nation's growing housing crisis. Our primary goals are: to assist increasing numbers of families headed by single women struggling to attain adequate housing and sustainable employment.

To affirm the rights of these families to the dignity of shelter and gainful livelihoods.

to support their efforts to become financially self-sufficient, confident and contributing members of our collective society.

She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.  -- Proverbs

What We Do

WHC strongly believes that housing is only the first step to becoming self-sufficient. Our clients have many needs when they come to us. They often need counseling, emotional support, life skills, education, and they need to learn to trust themselves.

We are a "hands-on" organization. Women who choose to live in Coalition Housing are choosing to take a positive step toward improving their lives. Clients are required to be employed or attend school fulltime. They are also required to work on the maintenance and improvement of their homes and to participate in monthly self-development and life skills training meetings.

Clients meet with staff to evaluate and discuss goals, obstacles, and progress toward self-sufficiency. WHC staff is also a huge resource to our clients as we provide referrals to needed services.

Our Mission
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Our Mission

The mission of the Women’s Housing Coalition is to assist low-income women with children who are motivated to become self-sufficient by providing affordable housing, training, and a variety of support needs.

The Women’s Housing Coalition provides low-income, single mothers and their children an environment that fosters and nurtures their independence, personal growth, financial responsibility and a road map to becoming self-sufficient women and an inspiration to their children.

Women's Housing Coalition is not simply an organization that supplies low-rent housing, but one that provides a partnership with its clients that will lead them to success and self-sufficiency through a comprehensive program that addresses the problems associated with homelessness and poverty.

WHC actively assists clients in becoming economically independent and provides the support that each individual family needs to meet its goals. While providing affordable shelter and assistance in getting started in the right direction.

The Women’s Housing Coalition also offers:

  • Self Assessment programs

  • Life skills training

  • Parenting classes

  • Personal growth and development

The Women’s Housing Coalition works in conjunction with many other non-profit agencies, churches and social workers at the city, county and state levels.

We will help our clients access community resources available to provide legal assistance, child care, job resume preparation, counseling for women and children who have experienced or witnessed domestic violence, and other support services

We Need Your Support Today!

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