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Housing Program Requirements

Minimal Program Requirements: 

  1. Must be a single Mom with Children living with her.

  2. Must be working 32 hours or more a week, or going to school full time, or a combination of (the) both.

  3. Verification of income proving that you will be financially able to pay rent each month $310.00  for a one bedroom or $360.00 for a two bedroom.

  4. Cannot bring your boyfriend, husband or significant other to the property.


We currently are working during unusual circumstances due to Covid-19 but are working through and trying to take in new Clients. Unfortunately, our process is taking a little longer than usual. So, we ask you to follow these steps to be put on our waiting list.

1. Review our website program rules and requirements 

2. If you meet the requirements posted on our website, please email at include your name, phone number, and state that you have read and met all program requirements.

3. once we receive your email we will forward you a link to complete our questioner.   This will add you to our waiting list.

Note: This is not an application.


Things We Must Have to Process Your Application From Client:

  1. Photo ID of applicant

  2. Children’s names and social security numbers/Cards


  1. Employment Verification-pay stubs for one month.  If you have recently been employed and do not have paystubs, a letter from your employer stating your start date, number of hours per week and pay rate.( Form (if working, Form from employer to be brought in by client) indicating hours and wages.

  2. Your 2 most recent paycheck stubs)


  1. School schedule

  2. Award Letter of school grants, loans, and/or work study

Public Assistance:

  1. Letter showing receipt of any public assistance in the form of money (TANF),  food stamps (SNAP), or other.


Child Support and/or Alimony:

  1. Verification of child support and/or alimony (if receiving)

References: Names and phone numbers of:

  1. 3 present and former places of employment

  2. 3 personal references (no family members including inlaws)

  3. 3 present and former, landlords or with whom, you have previously lived

We Need Your Support Today!

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