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I am truly grateful for the Women’s Housing Coalition. I am inspired by all the women here. I find hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. With this I know my children and I am going to be ok. We feel like we have a family. — Inspired


It is so wonderful that we have a home to live in with Women’s Housing Coalition. I am grateful for the Women’s Housing Coalition that they help me and other women get back on our feet when nobody else is there for us. And we don’t know who else to turn to. And we find our way, and we make some changes and we grow wings again with strength and courage to be better. —Survivor


In WHC you find a family. They uplift you, and help you believe in yourself. WHC has given me a chance to focus on my career; finish my RN degree. WHC has brought smiles and joy to my children. In WHC you find a mother, Angie and Sherry. —Grateful


What has Women’s Housing Coalition been for us women? Women’s Housing Coalition has provided emotional support, financial support and unending kindness filled with respect. Emotionally the staff, Angie and Sherri listen to any problem and with heart felt kindness and wisdom have empathized and/or pointed us in the right direction. Financially, WHC has been an absolute “life saver”. Helped us to have homes vs. homelessness, warmth (gas & electricity) is doable and FOOD has been easier to get as finances have become a goal we

have been able to control better. The unending kindness also involved LOVE. The ladies and I who qualified to become a part of WHC have had Angie & Sherri to not only show kindness, no matter what the concern, their guidance is always done lovingly. I can NOT thank Angie, Sherri and WHC enough.
Ever. — Thankful


I had been struggling for a long time. As a single mother of two growing boys, my struggles got harder. I felt like there was nowhere to go but crazy. I felt like giving up. I heard of Women’s Housing Coalition and as I made the call, I prayed. The year before I got accepted into the progam, I moved my little family around THREE times in one year. One of those moves was into a motel. My prayer got answered and we were able to move into a unit provided by Women’s Housing Coalition. When we first got to our home, my youngest said, “Mommy, Mommy, I love this place, can we live here forever?” Thank you Women’s Housing Coalition for restoring my faith, positive-ness and giving me strength to strive!! —Prayers


I am extremely grateful for WHC. They have helped me tremendously. Everyone is very generous. Everyone is like family to us. My son gets excited to go to the meetings and see his friends. I also enjoy the meetings and learn a lot and enjoy being around the other women and children. I am very Thankful and happy that women and children have help and somewhere to go. —Enjoy WHC


There are no words that can express how grateful I am to God for allowing WHC to be a blessing for me and my son. During this year I learned how to feel secure and know what it is to have a home. WHC is a place whre hope is found. Support that we received has been the support that was needed when everything seemed to be apart. I am so thankful for everything that WHC has done that I know God will bless those that have made this possible because he delights when we are his feet and hands! Thank you once again.—No Words


I have no idea what I would have done without Women’s Housing Coalition. We were about to lose hope and felt utterly lost, when WHC showed up in our lives and became our saving grace from God. I never know there were so many people who cared for us and our success until we came to WHC. WHC has become our family when we had no one, and will always be an important part of our lives and hearts. My children look forward to the monthly meetings and coming into the office and have grown to love everyone who helped us. It helps me keep hope that there are programs and people who truly care and are here

to help us in this now darker and scary world. —Hopeful


Thank you to Women’s Housing Coalition for your kind support. For the first time in my life, I’ve felt that my son and I have people in our lives that care about us. Thanks to Women’s Housing Coalition I was able to get my college degree. Thanks to Women’s Housing Coalition I was able to pay off my car. When I was accepted into the program, we were close to having the car, my only transportation, repossessed. Thank you to Angie and everyone at Women’s Housing Coalition for putting a roof over my and my son’s head.
We love you. —Graduated

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